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Important Dates for Authors

  • Call for Contributions: closed
  • Abstract submission deadline for papers and posters: closed
  • Notification of authors: January 16, 2024
  • Publication of preliminary program: March 7, 2024
  • Full paper and registration deadline for authors: April 5, 2024
  • Conference: June 18 – 20, 2024
  • Best Paper & Poster Awards: June 20, 2024

Instructions for Authors

The deadline for abstract submission has already passed. Authors have recently been informed about the acceptance of their contributions.

Submission of Full Papers or Extended Abstracts
As a next step, we kindly ask all authors whose abstract has been accepted as an oral or poster presentation to submit a full paper (4 to a maximum of 12 pages) or an extended abstract (maximum one page, no pictures). If you do not want to write a full paper, please update and extend your abstract so that it gives a comprehensive summary of what you are going to present.

Regardless of which option you choose, please be sure to use the appropriate template to create your final version and submit your document as a PDF file via ConfTool. The upload form will be activated in the next few weeks.

Download template for full paper (Word/ .docx/ 44KB)

Download template for full paper (Latex/ .zip (.tex) / 89KB)

Download template for extended abstract (Word/ .docx/ 30KB)

If you decide to write a full paper, the file must be checked by the IEEE PDF eXpress Checker before uploading it to ConfTool to ensure that all formal requirements are met. This does not apply to the extended abstract. To be able to use the IEEE PDF eXpress Checker, you need a conference ID, which we will announce soon.

Editing Core Contribution Details
Both for the extended abstracts and for the full papers you will be able to edit your core contribution details, i.e. authors list, affiliations and even the contribution title. Please correct mistakes but do not change the character of the reviewed proposal. For full papers, make sure the final version of title, authors, etc. from the paper is identical in the submission system. Please make any adjustments to your contribution details as soon as possible after the upload form has been opened, but no later than the end of February, as the preliminary program will be published on March 7, 2024. Anything that has not been corrected by then will be included in the preliminary program.

In contrast to the abstract, names, affiliations, products and sources may be disclosed in the full paper and extended abstract.

The upload deadline for the full paper and the extended abstract is April 5, 2024!

Please note that those who opt for the extended abstract must make their slides or poster available to the participants as a PDF file. This must be done by June 7, 2024 via a link that we will send you in due course. For authors of a full paper, making their presentation or poster available to conference participants is optional.

Please remember that for every accepted contribution one author will have to register at the author’s rate. The registration deadline for presenters is April 5, 2024. Registration will open shortly.

Publication Info
An electronic version of the full papers and extended abstracts will be distributed at the event; and the full papers will also be available through IEEE Xplore after the conference. Publication in IEEE Xplore is optional.

Separate information for poster presenters on the actual poster presentation (onsite or online) will be available soon.

Publication policy

  • Contributions distributed online before and during the conference
  • All submissions under non-exclusive copyright
  • Presentation types are oral or poster presentation

General information

  • Conference venue: The conference will be held in a hotel in the heart of Berlin.
  • Registration: For on-site participants, the fees include access to all sessions, recorded sessions, exhibition, catering, welcome reception, conference dinner and conference proceedings. Online participants can attend the sessions, watch the recorded sessions and download the conference proceedings.
  • Best Paper & Poster Awards: Every contribution will be considered for the Best Paper & Poster Awards. The award ceremony will take place at the closing of the conference.
  • Language: The official language for all presentations is English.

Conference registration fees

Regular on site

1250* / 1400**

Regular online only

625* / 700**

Speakers, Poster presenter

950* / 1150**

Registration required until April 5, 2024
  • Please note that for every accepted contribution one person from the group of authors has to register at the speaker rate.

Committee Members


Students on-site/online

625* / 700**

  • Student registrations are solely for undergraduate, master and full-time enrolled PhD students.
* early bird fees before April 5, 2024
** regular fees past April 5, 2024

    List of Topics

    Environmental effects of mature, as well as emerging technologies and materials

    • Green ICT and Green by ICT
    • Environmental Assessment from Lab-to-Fab
    • Automated Sustainability Assessments in the Development Process
    • Products and Applications: ICT, Consumer Electronics and Network Equipment
    • Technologies for AI, IoT, Wearables & Electromobility
    • Ubiquitous Electronics
    • Technologies for Quantum Computing
    • Technologies for Clean Room Processe
    • Process Chemicals: Reuse and Recycling
    • Technologies for Plastic Recycling for the Electronics Industry
    • Innovative Materials, Components and Processes in the Electronics Industry


    Life Cycle Assessment (data) of specific electronic components

    • Critical View on Existing LCA Data: Identification of Data Gaps
    • Raw Wafer Manufacturing Data - State of the Art
    • Existing and Evolving ICs (CMOS) - Data Sets According to Technology Nodes
    • Components Based on GaN, SiC and GaAs
    • Existing and Evolving Memory Technologies (DRAM, NAND)
    • Existing and Evolving Display Technologies (LED, OLED, etc.)
    • Multilayer, High-density and Flexible PCBs
    • Advanced Connectors (Optical Tranceivers, etc.)
    • Passive Components (Electrolyte Capacitors, Large Power Transformers, etc.)


    LCA data management along the supply chain

    • Primary Data from Cradle to Gate - Data Handling Along the Supply Chains
    • Circular Data - Information for the Circular Economy
    • Digitalisation of the Electronics Supply Chain: Decreasing Risks, Increasing Transparency
    • Digitalisation and Machine Learning for Environmental Assessment Data: Methods, Demands and Challenges
    • Technologies for Data Exchange: Passports, Twins & Co.
    • LCA (data) as Part of the DPP
    • Scope 3: Target Setting and Emissions Reduction
    • Environmental Assessment Data Beyond CO2 (Water, Toxicity, Raw Material Criticality, etc.)


    Fair, clean and conflict-free electronics

    • Definitions and Requirements of Fair Electronics
    • Standards to Ensure Conflict-Free Sourcing
    • Social Conditions in the Electronics Industry
    • Sustainable Business Models for Electronic Products and ICT Services
    • Green Claims: Best Practices
    • Roadmaps and Policies (RoHS, WEEE, REACH, ESPR, etc.)
    • E-Waste: Transboundary Shipment and Recycling
    • Critical Materials: Restrictions, Reduction, Elimination, Substitution (i.e. PFAS)


    Circular Economy Strategies

    • Approaches for a Circular Society
    • Circular Design - How to Set Priorities and Develop Design Strategies
    • Circular Economy and Secondary Raw Material Data
    • Circular Approaches for Electronics in Industrial Applications
    • Life-Time Extension & Value Retention Loops: Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair and Recycle
    • Approaches to Board Level Repair and Component Reuse
    • Recycled Materials for Electronic Components in the Circular Economy
    • Managing Reliability, Obsolescence and Counterfeit Components

    Some more topics will be available in the submission system.

    We invite presentations on new methods, tools and industry case studies on all of the above topics. Please contact us, if you would like to submit for related topics, which are not covered.


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