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Conference Topics I

Technology towards sustainability

Lifetime management

  • Reliability for sustainability: simultaneous consideration of environmental and reliability issues from component and system level to meta-structures and clouds
  • Automotive electronics: balancing reliability, efficiency, sustainability and costs
  • LED lighting: thermal management, material efficiency and lifetime

Energy efficiency

  • Reliable and sustainable energy supply: smart grids, power train and conversion
  • Innovative energy sources: energy harvesting and storage systems
  • Power management on system level: achieving load adaptivity

Material efficiency

  • Product design solutions for resource efficiency: decreasing material intensity, toxicity and criticality
  • Closing the material loops: remanufacturing, refurbishment, reuse, collection and recycling

Software and data

  • From big data to smart data: optimal use of IT resources, e.g. scalable green data centers, end-to-end network efficiency, local data aggregation
  • Software-hardware interaction: defining and programming green software
  • Cyber-physical systems: how to guide digitalization towards sustainability?

Technologies for the future

  • Modular configuration and customized products: matching functionality and user needs
  • Environmental effects of latest technology trends
Conference Topics II

Business models: from linear to circular thinking

Innovative value creation

  • Extended value chain through remanufacturing, maintenance, repair and reuse
  • Product ownership 2.0: leasing, pay-per-use, shared use
  • Embedding sustainable manufacturing in global value creation: incentives for company responsibility and sustainable business models

Sustainability management

  • Identifying resource value in the urban mine: localization in the products, analytics and assessments
  • Successful and practical environmental assessments: improving base data and user friendliness
  • Data management along the supply chain: cooperation for environmental footprints and material declarations

Compliance and certification

  • Evolution of regulation and standards: RoHS, REACh, WEEE, ErP, voluntary agreements, labelling, green procurement, Epeat & IEEE 1680 development
  • Certifying the supply chain: conflict materials, Dodd-Frank Act implementation, upstream working conditions


We invite presentations on new methods, tools and industry case studies on all of the above topics. please contact us, if you wish to further refine the listed topics before the submission!